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To provide guidance to everyone to avail a Business opportunity.

We work every day as we need to lead a good life style by day dreaming to own Business. We guide and support everyone to start their own business and lead happy life with good profits which multiplies their capital. Everyone means even Employed, Retired or Self Employed, or Home makers or including NRIs can avail this opportunity to lead a dignified, decent life with much more confidence. We will see that you need not spend any time on this.

At SRIMITRA, Our Aim is to see everyone travels towards profits and have lucrative earnings right from Young Age only through guidance in a right path.



Young India

Ours is young INDIA. We don’t have to attain retirement to lead a quality life. We provide chance to earn yourself from your young age.

Buy any Flat / Plot / Villa and Get Back 100% of your investment

We help you to get back your investment in couple of years. You don’t have to pay anything extra to avail this, over & above the property cost.

Business Ambition

Every one includes Employed or Self Employed or NRIs or Home makers or Retired or anybody who is ambitious.

Warren Buffet

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Business Opportunity

We help to start your own business with whatever resources available with you.

Passive Income

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses

Money Control

We will guide you how to improve profits and multiply your capital.

Investment Plan

You can make good profits and your investment in your business multiplied number of times to add up to your profits

Own a Property for Free

We understand your requirements and guide you in getting back your investment​

Our Aim is to see that every one owns a property in India.


“Thinking of buying any Flat / Site / Villa anywhere in India then “Get Back the cost of your property in full” without paying Extra. Let it be any price.


We help you to get back your investment in couple of years. You don’t have to pay anything extra to avail this, over & above the property cost. 


You own a property, retain it & don’t have to offer for “buy back” to get back your investment.


You can buy any Villa / Plot / Flat at bargained price & still you can get your investment back. Means you are not paying anything extra in any form to get back your investment.


We help even Middle Class and Lower Middle Class people to own a property anywhere in India with or without income proof and family combined income also considered.

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Passive Income

If you are ambitious, can earn monthly more than ₹ 5 lakhs by joining us as channel partner without investment

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